Salient Features


The salient features of Pancheshwar High Dam are as follows:


Total Drainage area:

12,100 km2

In Nepal:

2,380 km2 (19.7%)

In India:

9,720 km2 (80.3%)

Turbine Design Discharge:

2897.1m3/(Source: DPR, 1995; Appendix 5.8)

(241.42 m3/s for each turbine*12)


Energy Production:

Firm Energy Production

8216 GWh/Y

Average Energy Production

10671 GWh/Y

Tributaries of Mahakali River:

From Nepal Side
i. Chamelia river and
ii. Parmoligad

From India Side
i. Saryu river,
ii. Dhauli Ganga,
iii. Gori Ganga and
iv. Ram Ganga


Normal Maximum Water Level:

680 m.a.s.l

Minimum Operational Level:

615 m.a.s.l

Live Storage Volume:

6.56 billion m3

Dead Storage Volume:

5.7 billion m3

Total Storage Capacity:

12.26 billion m3

Design Flood for dam stability:

23,500 m3/s

Peak of Probable maximum flood:

23,237 m3/s

Design Flood of Spillway:

1800 m3/s

Last year maximum discharge (at Bhadra):

12912.48 m3/s (Source: Kantipur daily, 2068-04-32)

Average flow:

582 m3/s

Surface Reservoir Area at NMWL:

13,400 hectares Flood inundation

In Nepal:

3,850 hectares(28.73%)

In India:

9,550 hectares (71.26%)

The Salient features of Rupali gad Re-regulating Dam are as follows:


Total Drainage Area


13,384 km2 both in India and Nepal

Average monthly flow



Design flood


35,700 m3/s

Sediment load


7 million t/year 



Normal Maximum Water Level (NWML)


420m a.s.l

Minimum Operation Level


410m a.s.l

Live Storage Volume


70 million m3

Surface Area at NWML in Nepal side alone


258.0 hectares


Dam (Concrete Gravity Dam)

Dam height:


83 m (from the deepest foundation level)

Crest elevation:


428 m a.s.l

Crest length:



Deepest foundation elevation:


345 m a.s.l

Riverbed elevation


368 m


An auxiliary spillway having a discharge capacity of 500 m3/s equipped with two 10 m wide and 5.6 m high counter- weighted flap gate. This is located on the left abutment adjacent to main spillway. Main spillway having discharge capacity of 19,000 m3/s will be equipped with 24 m high and 17 m wide radial gates.